I've tried just about every paint out there... when I stumbled across a dresser on social media painted in this stunningly beautiful Midnight Blue I was was brought to Fusion Mineral Paint.  I immediately found a retailer, ordered 4 pints, and the rest is history! 


Once I was able to move into a store I knew I needed to become a retailer myself and spread my passion and love with others!

Fusion Mineral Paint is an acrylic based paint with exceptional ease of application, Zero...yes...ZERO VOC, high hiding coverage, built-in top coat with a gorgeous matte finish, minimal prep work, little to no odor, and can pretty much use on ANYTHING! And by ANYTHING I mean shoes, fabric, front doors, cabinets, furniture, mason jars..... Guys I could go on and on and on and on about why you NEED to try this paint if you haven't already!  Plus we use ALL Fusion Mineral Paint and Homestead House products for our workshops...doesn't get much better than that!

- Emily

Benefits of Fusion
Mineral Paint
Best. Paint. Ever.
  • Water-based, 100% acrylic

  • Color pigments made from Earth's minerals

  • Non-toxic, Zero VOC's

  • Extremely durable due to the 100% resin base. It is NOT chalk-based, clay-based, plaster-based, etc.

  • Dries to a beautiful matte finish

  • Can be distressed

  • Has a built-in top coat

  • Has a super strong adhesion once paint has dried and cured

  • Easy to work with - little or no prep required

  • Eco-friendly

  • Comes in 2 convenient sizes (Testers and Pints) at affordable price points

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