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How I redid this beautiful antique desk

I'll admit.. this piece appeared to be in okay condition. I'll say it again...APPEARED to be in good condition. Once I started inspecting and dissecting I realized this was going to be a much larger project than I originally thought. To me though those make the best transformation pieces because you know the amount of work both physically and mentally you had to put into a timeless piece!

First and foremost I always clean with TSP which you can either purchase at your local hardware store or Fusion Mineral Paint does have their own line of TSP. TSP is a great cleaner to get rid of any dirt, grime, or residue left on furniture especially older pieces. After the cleaner has dried that's when I really inspect it. I look at the scratches, holes, chips etc... then comes the Bondo! Bondo is an amazing wood filler that I use on literally almost everything that needs to be filled. It does smell so use in a well ventilated area or outside.

Once the Bondo has fully dried and hardened it's time to get down to business and use those muscles! I use my RYOBI palm sander or orbital sander especially if the finish is stubborn and shiny. Using a 100 grit sand paper I sanded where the Bondo was to make it smooth and like there was never a chip or a hole that was filled. I sand where I want to stain so in this case it was the top, the drawer, and the inside of this secretary desk. I went back over the sanded areas after using 100 grit with 200 grit to really make the finish feel smooth. After all the sanding was completed(which only took me what felt like 15.5 hours and newly discovered muscles) I used my shop vac to suck up all the dust and mess I had created.

Now comes the magic; where the transformation really takes place...PAINT! Myself and my customer were looking for a very specific color. In order to achieve this seafoam/blue/green/grey I used about 3/4 pint of Fusion Mineral Paint's Raw Silk then added a sample size of both Inglenook and Champness then mixed all 3 colors together. I brushed about two coats of the custom color on the piece. While that was drying I then decided to stain the top, the drawer, and the inside. Thankfully virtually EVERYTHING came apart on this piece. So I was able to take the mirror off, the drawer/shelving unit on the inside, and the front door so I could work in sections. The stain I decided to use was All in One Stain in Cappuccino. This is one if my favorite go to colors from Fusion Mineral Paint!

Now that the paint is dry, the stain is dry I went through and distressed with 220 grit sand paper in the detailed areas I knew I wanted to pop. Around the mirror, the highly detailed areas, corners, and edges.

Once the distressing is done I attempting for my first time an IOD (Iron Orchid Design) stamp to add one final finishing detail on the side of all the drawers. I used a foam roller, lightly rolled Raw Silk paint on the stamp, applied the stamp VERY carefully on the side of the drawers. I pressed firmly, pulled the stamp off a there you have it! The one final detail that makes such an impact..a stamp!

I truly love transforming timeless pieces that tell a story! Yes it's hard work...yes I may or may not have cried...yes I may have had 2 or 3 beers while doing this piece. But I can't even begin to tell you how much I love doing what I'm doing and thank God everyday for allowing me to pursue my passions!

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