#tbt my view from last summer to this morning looks pretty dang similar. Except now it’s with buckets +7up next to the bed🤢I think it’s safe to say this week has definitely been a draining one with being quarantined, full force flu hitting the house with both girls, the uncertainty of just about everything right now I feel like I’m about ready to break down. But in a different perspective I need to remember everything going on is making me slow down, spend more time with my kiddos (even if it’s holding their hair back right now), get inventory listed on Etsy which I’ve been wanting to do for awhile, work on having a large inventory when we open The Hive back up + we are busier than ever! There’s always good with the bad... we just have to keep reminding ourselves of that!

Oh by the way, I’m doing a few local deliveries of Fusion Mineral Paint paint, signs, candles etc... if you need paint for a project, a candle to burn, or a sign to hang... I’ve got all you local covered. If you’re not local I can ship as long as the post office stays open!

Feel free to message me or visit our Etsy shop!


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