Dear Children of the World...

“Dear children of the world… It’s not supposed to be like this.”

This is a much different post than what I usually post…But this has been so heavy on my heart. As I laid in bed last night trying to wrap my brain around what is happening to our country all I could do is cry. Cry for my children, cry for the peaceful protesters who now are being overlooked by looting + rioting, cry for all the victims + their families, cry for the police officers trying to protect our communities, cry for all the businesses who JUST were able to reopen but now are being burned to the ground or vandalized. This is not okay. Nothing about any of this okay. I want to be able to intelligently educate my children. I want them to not live in fear. We need to do more. We need to do better. We need to unite… I mean our country’s name is the UNITED States of America.

We can’t just raise our kids to survive in this world; we need to raise them to change it.

“As parents, we have the POWER to create one that is full of promise + LOVE from the ground up. I know we can do so much better than the helplessness, hopelessness, racism, anger + fear so many live with everyday.”-Daphne Oz

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