Vintage Muffin Tin Candles

Wow you guys..all I can say is I have some pretty amazing customers. I have decided to reschedule our workshop that was supposed to be on Sunday due to the mandatory quarantine/closing. It was a very hard decision for me to send that email this morning but in the grand scheme of things I need to look out for the safety of my customers, family and myself. I am hopeful April 19th we will be good to go!

I will be adding a few more spots after I have confirmation from the other ladies if April works for them. But in the meantime I've been working on stock when we all come out of this craziness better and stronger than ever!

I have 3 of these adorable vintage muffin tins made up and ready to go. Each tin is the same scent if that makes sense... so one whole 6 muffin tin is banana but bread, one whole tin is apple maple + bourbon and the other one is lemon verbena. Talk about amazing mother's day gifts! I do have my parents on a mission for more! Since The Hive is closed for the rest of this week I am thinking of stocking up my Etsy shop with all the goodies so you all can enjoy them without having to venture out!

Stay safe and Healthy Friends!

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